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The Author

Pictured here in 2017 while writing Unintended Consequences - A Psychological Romance.

Psychological Romances a term developed by Dr. McGuinness, are meant to entertain. However, they are also instructive as to the intricacies of inter- and intra-personal relationships and how the adult romantic relationship relates to the original family unit and bond with parents. Her sexy, sassy, and often tragic novels, lead the reader to a deep understanding of how childhood attachments result in lifelong joy and sorrow. Dr. McGuinness is currently working on her third novel, The Girl Who Stole My Life.

2018 winner of the Independent Press Award!

Unintended Consequences a Psychological Romance is a fictional account of London McQuin, a recently divorced psychologist who has an affair with a married man. London, a very sensitive empath and vivid dreamer, falls deeply in love with Cary, and their romance spikes psychological problems she’s battled her entire life. As the story unfolds, the reader begins to wonder if London has multiple personality disorder. There are many voices in London’s mind. But it’s possible these are fantasy personalities, sprites, fairy godmothers vying to influence her actions. How she responds to the challenges presented by loving Cary, is flavored by these personalities, and by her childhood imaginary friend, throughout the story.


Retrograde - A Psychological Romance follows London McQuin (Unintended Consequences) as she reinvents herself as Mila Branti, , a brilliant and beautiful Psychology professor trapped in an unfulfilling marriage. When she begins an affair that occurs only in her dreams, Mila attempts to discover the identity and whereabouts of her dream lover—an adventure that takes her back to Taormina, Sicily, where she grew up. While uncovering the secrets of her childhood and the identity and fate of her dream lover, Mila's life is forever changed as she wakes to discover passion in the arms of another man. Retrograde delivers more of the intelligent eroticism that readers enjoyed in Unintended Consequences.

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Raising Your Inner Child - a workbook for life

Release date September 3rd, 2019


Sixteen chapters, an afterword, references,

and over 50 activities to help you achieve

the highest and best version of yourself.

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Now also available as an online interactive course.

Academic non-fiction works by Carmen McGuinness

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Dr. McGuinness began her writing career with two academic books on the topic of literacy instruction. Both are long time best sellers in the US and UK, and have been featured in numerous news articles and documentaries.

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