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Orlando Arts Magazine Feature Article

Pictured left with Boris Douglas Garbe, curator at Gallery at  Mills Park.

Pictured right with the artist Petersen Gueyer, and the artist and designer Daniel Chimowitz.

Photo credit Suzi Miciluzzio.

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YouTube Channel Launched!


March 12, 2018 Dr. McGuinness launches her YouTube channel, focusing on relationships of all sorts, including the relationship we have with ourselves, which she terms the primary relationship.

Photo shoot at Gallery at Mills Park with the Artist Daniel Chimowitz and curator Boris Garbe

Boris appears as a character in both Unintended Consequences and Retrograde. Daniel is mentioned in a scene in Unintended Consequences. Carmen was honored to meet Daniel in advance of his December 2, 2017 show at Gallery at Mills Park. Below (left) are photos and (right) video from their November 30th, 2017 meeting.

September 2017 interview on the topics of
Unintended Consequences a Psychological Romance
and marital infidelity

Hear answers to these questions from

the author of Unintended Consequences

  1. If you were asked you to describe Unintended Consequences in just one word, what would it be? 

  2. Can you address the difference between romance and eroticism?

  3. What would you say to potential readers who maybe haven’t read or, or don’t like eroticism? 

  4. The protagonist in ‘Unintended Consequences’, is a psychologist, lives in Orlando, and is a writer. Is there perhaps a little bit of you in the character.

  5. Exactly what are the numbers in regard to infidelity. How many partners cheat?

  6. Please address topic of why men cheat?

Cover art announced!

August 2017


Artist Marla E has done it again!


About Marla's cover art, author Carmen McGuinness says, "She captured everything I was hoping for, even little Uccelino! Love you Marla!"

Retrograde a Psychological Romance releases in October!

Carmen joins Art 'Chat Daddy' Sims on The Talk of Chicago WVON
July 31st, 2017
July 2017
Carmen featured on
Celebrate Women Today Authors & Books 
Sick and unable to attend the launch, radio host Melissa Foxx received her copy LIVE on her June 13th CONNECTIONS RADIO SHOW...

Boris Garbe and Marla E,       hosts of KISS MY ART on the CONNECTIONS SHOW, present Melissa Foxx with her copy         of Unintended Consequences     a Psychological Romance.


We missed you at my

book launch. But you were definitely the coolest person not there.


JUNE 8th Orlando Unintended Consequences 
BOOK LAUNCH PARTY at Art Gallery at Mills Park

Photo credits Jason Fronczek

Video credits Zach Herrbach

Petra reading blurbs
Petra reading
Michelle artist and writer
Marla and Lillian
Love you Michelle
Linda selfy
Jim and Lisa
Carmen with Thank yous
Carmen with Maria
Boris Lisa and Lillian
Carmen with Baiey Fam
Carmen Petra and Bill
Carmen Marla and Zach
Carmen in Flowers
Carmen and Tracy
Carmen and Pauline close
Carmen and Michelle
Carmen and Mara
Carmen and Lisa signing
Brian Eva Carmen
Author and Artist
Boris and Carmen
Cover design announced


Artist Marla E has completed her cover design for Unintended Consequences a Psychological Romance. The book releases June 1st, 

"I couldn't be more pleased. Miss E has beautifully captured London's fairy garden, and the ladies. Well done Marla!"


Dr. Carmen Mcguinness, May 1st, Orlando


Artist Marla E has been contracted to do the cover art for Unintened Consequences a Psychological Romance. About her design, Miss E says, "I will be drawing upon the many characters that occupy London's fairy garden, Cruise Girl and Tig will of course be featured, along with Mother, The Teacher. Our protagonists, London and her beatiful Cary, will appear in the background. The fairy bed and gazebo, which London calls 'Italy' will also be included, along with the garden gate through which Cary passes each time he comes to London's bed. Think misty garden morning blended with steamy night. I'm excited!"

Marla E pictured here at a recent Artborne Magazine issue launch party with Dr. McGuinness and Gallery at Mills Park curator, Boris Garbe.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE APRIL 2, 2017 Psychologist Carmen McGuinness will be on Kiss My Art on April 3rd at 10:30pm. Hosts Boris Garbe and Marla E. will interview Dr. McGuinness about her novel Unintended Consequences a Psychological Romance, releasing June 1st. Kiss My Art is a segment of CONNECTIONS™, the nightly syndicated relationship talk show hosted by Al “Blackjack” Spry, Glenda “G-Love” Chauncy, and Melissa Foxx. CONNECTIONS can be heard throughout Central Florida on WTKS Real Radio 104.1, The Talk of Gainesville 104.9, News-Talk 1490 WWPR, Sarasota-Tampa, and on Alex Bennett’s The show serves a worldwide audience on iTunes, Roku, TuneIn, SHOUTcast, Radionomy, and Radiojar. 

Dr. McGuinness is pictured here (right), in the CONNECTIONS studio, with interviewers Marla E and 'Blackjack' Spry. 

LISTEN NOW >>>>>>>>>>

To book an interview, presentation, or keynote talk, contact:
Emma Boyer, Publicist

856-489-8654 x305    

Or contact Dr. McGuinness Directly

Dr. Carmen McGuinness

Media Attention surrounding Dr. McGuinness' academic books:

Newspaper Articles

  • Forbes Magazine

  • 1997 Express-Times, 1997 

  • Allentown Morning Call, 1997 

  • Daily Telegraph, 1998, 1999 

  • Sunday Telegraph, 1998

  • The Times of London, 1999, 2000 

  • The New York Times, 2000 

  • Orlando Sentinel, 2000 

  • Nature Magazine, 2000

  • Houston Press, 2000 

  • Mothering Magazine, 2000 

  • Sarasota Herald Tribune, 2000 

  • The Daily Mail, 2000 

  • Manchester Evening News, 2000

  • Radio Interviews

  • Indiana Public Radio, 1998

  • Illinois Public Radio, 1998

  • Family News & Focus, 1998

  • America Good Morning Talk America Radio Network, 1999

  • KDTA-AM Denver, 1998

  • Wisdom Radio, 1998

  • WWSW-FM Pittsburgh, 1999

  • Catholic Radio Network, 1999

  • KVEL-AM Salt Lake City, 1999

  • KCMN AM Colorado Springs, 1999

  • WZLX-FM Boston, 1999

Television Appearances

  • BBC documentary Brain Sex featuring the work of Anne Moir, 1993

  • BBC documentary Just One Chance featuring the use of the Phono-Graphix reading method, 1998

  • Tonight With Trevor McDonald news production feature on the use of Phono-Graphix in Britain's clinics and classrooms, 2000


Professional Speaking Engagements

  • American Montessori Society, Boston, 1992 

  • International Dyslexia Society, Minneapolis, 1997

  • Parents and Professionals of Special Students, Orlando, 1999 

  • Office of Standards in Education Conference on Phonics, London, 2000 

  • Patoss Conference, London 2000 

  • Core Knowledge Foundation, Atlanta, 2000 

  • Core Knowledge Foundation, Boston, 2001 

  • Down's Research Association of Great Britain, London, 2001 

  • Scottish Dyslexia Association Annual Conference, Edinburgh, 2001 

  • Core Knowledge Foundation, Orlando, 2002 

  • Essential Education for a New Generation, New Orleans, 2002 

  • Conference, London, 2004 

  • American Montessori Society Irvine, CA in October, 2007

  • Dozens of Graduate student presentations, Online 2010-2014

  • Phono-Graphix International Summer Conference, 2014

  • Fischler School of Education Dissertation Cafe, Dissertation Presentation, Online March, 2014

  • Association for Contextual Behavioral Science International Conference, poster session, 2016

  • Supporting Parents of Children with Autism, 2016

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