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The Educator
Chrysalis School, Altamonte Springs, FL

Dr. McGuinness began her teaching careers a kindergartener teacher in her Southwest Florida Montessori school. During this period she also developed and researched the Phono-Graphix reading method for teaching remedial literacy. Later she founded the Read America clinic. Her work in literacy resulted in multiple published research papers and two ground-breaking academic books on literacy instruction.

Language Wise.jpg

Today, in addition to her clinical behavioral practice, Dr. McGuinness owns and operates a private school for children with learning and developmental disabilities (pictured above)..


She is pictured left during a rehearsal for the students annual winder performance, writen and directed by Dr. McGuinness each December. 

Dr. McGuinness works to bring awareness of the need for inclusion of students with disabilities, and she is pictured right on stage at Orlando Fusion Fest reading her student's poems with the Artist Marla E, and actor and writer Logan Anderson. Special thanks to Masami Koshikawa for organizing the school's participation.

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